3 okt: Chai Masters

“With melodic charm and group spirit, they have found a solid group identity”

Joe Woodard (All about jazz).

Finalist Golden Jazz Trophy 2021, Frankrijk

Antonio Moreno Glazkov – Trumpet
Hristo Goleminov – Tenor saxophone
Liva Dumpe – Voice
Adrian Moncada – Piano
Matteo Mazzu – Electric bass
Aurel Violas – Drums

The Chai Masters strive to create jazz that stimulates the imagination. Their original compositions are inspired by one of the most unique literary movements of the last century: Magic Realism. Like a story that blurs the line between reality and fantasy, their repertoire is a narrative where flamenco, film soundtracks and contemporary jazz intermingle.

Each composition takes the Chai Masters on an unknown path, and they take the listeners with them.

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Lange Herenvest 122
2011 BX Haarlem

zondag 3/10 16.00 uur
€10,- / €7,50 < 25 jaar

tickets pletterij.nl